Efficient, capable and motivated employees are especially important for successful long-term business activity. Allreal pays all employees – regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time – fair salaries that do not discriminate based on gender and are in line with the market, and provides above-average social and fringe benefits.

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Staff development

Allreal attaches great importance to the continuous internal and external training of its staff across all hierarchical levels, and generally covers all relevant costs incurred as well as working hours. This ensures that employees are up to date with their skills and in a position to do their job well. Proven and continually optimised processes and highly trained employees with experience in construction and working methods guarantee effective workflows and enable the efficient application of new technologies.

In the 2021 financial year, Allreal employees underwent an average of 25 hours of further training. The company invested a total of CHF 124,124 in internal and external training, corresponding to an average of CHF 288 per employee.

All employees are entitled to at least five weeks of annual leave. Plus, an attractive working time model with a set number of hours to be worked during the year affords staff the flexibility to plan their own time. Pandemic aside, Allreal gives all employees with an office job the chance to work from home. With this flexible working time model, the company helps to promote better work-life balance.

Employees receive a special gift for every five years of service, which can take the form of shares, annual leave allowance or a lump sum payment. For employees in German-speaking Switzerland, Allreal also has its own pension scheme with excellent benefits. Furthermore, the company is starting to offer and promote semi-retirement as an option from the 2022 financial year onwards.

Since mid-2020, Allreal has been offering to pay for annual season tickets covering the entire public transport networks of the cantons of Zurich, Bern and Basel respectively for staff who decide to use public transport instead of driving their own cars.

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All Allreal employees receive an annual evaluation of their performance combined with target setting for the following year. This standardised process is digitally recorded.

On 31 December 2021, the staff headcount stood at 255 employees, corresponding to 243 full-time equivalents. This also takes into account the companies acquired by Allreal on 15 October 2021 in French-speaking Switzerland, which employ a total of 44 people. The proportion of women across the entire workforce is 32.9% and has been steadily increasing in recent years. This development is set to continue in the same direction in the coming years. On the Board of Directors, the proportion of women stands at 14% and will increase further until 2023.

The turnover rate was 12.9% in the year under review – up 0.2% on the previous year and in line with the long-term average.

In April 2021, Allreal used the “Great Place to Work” methodology for the first time to conduct its regular employee survey. Owing to the standardised nature of this survey, the results can also be compared with those of other companies. Almost 80% of the workforce used the opportunity to give the company feedback on how they rate their job satisfaction and workplace culture. The results are very pleasing, with Allreal scoring high on fairness, safety and remuneration in particular.

“Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”

Some 90% of participants agreed with this statement. Feedback on training opportunities and workplace equipment was particularly good as well. Overall, Allreal’s results are above average compared to those of its peers of a similar size and structure.

The survey also had the desired effect of highlighting room for improvement. Allreal consequently set up a number of task forces, which submitted specific proposals to Group Management concerning the following seven development areas at Group level:

  • Management training and consistent leadership principles
  • Providing information on important issues and changes
  • Motivating employees to embrace change
  • Celebrating special events
  • Staff promotions
  • How employees can contribute to the business and to successful outcomes
  • Employee benefits (transparency)

The survey also delivered valuable results at departmental and team level. These were discussed and appraised on a case-by-case basis.

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Workplace health and safety

Workplace safety is a top priority for Allreal, with particular focus on construction sites. Project and site managers support and monitor contractors in planning and implementing all measures to prevent accidents. Emergency response officers are also on hand as the first line of response in any emergency situation at the office sites. They receive training in various safety topics several times a year to ensure that they are fit for this job. Various internal and external training events had to be cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic – although four events were able to take place. Thanks not least to these measures, the company has more than halved the number of major safety risks recorded per audit since the introduction of safety audit monitoring in 2016. The direct costs for workplace health and safety, including safety equipment, training and checks, amounted to CHF 7,667 in the period under review.

During the course of the year under review, the individuals responsible for workplace health and safety conducted a total of 19 unannounced site audits and recorded their findings. In addition, they provided planning assistance to project teams working on different construction sites on three occasions. There was no need for any follow-up inspections owing to serious shortcomings related to health and safety in the workplace. In total, there was a slight increase in the number of minor breaches at Allreal, but the number of serious shortcomings decreased further to an extremely low level.

In 2021, Allreal did not record any fatal or serious accidents on its construction sites. All in all, four people suffered minor injuries during working hours, corresponding to 1.57% of the entire workforce or 2.18 incidents per 200,000 hours worked. These figures apply to Allreal. At the companies acquired in French-speaking Switzerland on 15 October 2021, no accidents were recorded from this acquisition date to 31 December 2021.

Head office in the Lightcube at Glattpark (canton of Zurich)

The emergency response protocols coordinated with the other tenants in the building were reviewed for the first time as part of an evacuation drill in autumn 2021. Weaknesses in the app used for evacuating the building were subsequently rectified. The building was evacuated to the complete satisfaction of the emergency services as a result of a genuine fire incident in December 2021. This showed that the emergency response protocols work properly.

Response to COVID-19

The individuals responsible for workplace health and safety adjusted the pandemic plan in line with changes to the government guidance. Group Management used the plan as the basis for implementing a number of measures, such as asking all employees to work from home from mid-January to mid-June 2021 unless they were required to supervise construction sites directly, and obliging all employees working in offices to either prove their COVID status or take a daily COVID test.

The workplace safety coordinators have worked hard throughout the pandemic, ordering necessary materials or adapting the sites and equipment in line with the pandemic plan.

All employees with any symptoms have been required to inform a central internal department since the very start of the pandemic. A total of 124 cases (36 in the year under review) have been reported to date. These cover general cases of sickness, employees having to self-isolate after coming into close contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19, and employees testing positive for coronavirus themselves. Since the onset of the pandemic, Allreal has recorded 32 positive COVID-19 cases (16 in the year under review) among its employees.

Occupational accidents

incidents 2021


per 367,682 hours worked