Everyone is talking about sustainability right now, and being green is the way to go. It’s easy enough to make a pledge, but it takes more than that to make a sustainable change.

That’s why we took things back to basics and asked ourselves some questions when we were putting together our sustainability strategy in 2021. How serious are we about sustainability? Are we prepared to invest heavily in terms of money and staff hours? What added value does ESG offer, and what opportunities can be opened up to us through new business activities? How can we weave sustainability into our daily activities in a way that is intuitive?

You can find the answers to all these questions in the sustainability strategy we published in November 2021.

As one of the largest listed property companies in Switzerland, we know that we need to take our responsibility seriously. And that’s exactly why we’ve decided to focus on the areas where we have the most influence. We don’t want to do everything – it’s just not possible. But we do want to put our all into the action we are committed to taking. Our ESG strategy sets out our ambitious goals under the headings Environment, Social and Governance. We will be checking our progress against those goals every year.

We are doing our bit to ensure that Switzerland meets its climate goal. It’s our aim to become completely carbon neutral across our entire portfolio of yield-producing properties by 2050 at the latest and halve the share of fossil fuel in our energy consumption by 2030. A broad-based drive to install solar power systems and the renewal of building management systems will help us on our way. Our efforts to start offsetting some carbon emissions are just a means to an end, with the need to do this dwindling over the next few years.

Under the Social heading, we are committed to creating high-quality living spaces, promoting genuine equal opportunities, guaranteeing workplace health and safety all round and ensuring that our data protection processes are up to date.

Here at Allreal, the way we think and work is defined by responsible and credible business activities. Meanwhile, under the Governance heading, our new goals cover the appropriate composition of company bodies, the remuneration system and reporting.

Our sustainability strategy is designed to be a long-term plan with the biggest possible impact, making it compatible with our corporate strategy and our business model.

Ralph-Thomas Honegger
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Roger Herzog