The main topics under the Social heading are corporate culture, workplace health and safety and high-quality living spaces.

Last year we defined our values in a participative process: professional, entrepreneurial, human. These shape our culture and guide our behaviour. They reflect our mission and how we treat each other. And they stand for an attitude that makes for our shared success.

Workplace health and safety

Safety at work takes top priority at Allreal. Project and site managers support and monitor contractors in planning and implementing all measures to prevent accidents on building sites. Unannounced safety audits were held at every major building site in 2023 and the lessons learned passed on in internal training sessions.

Safety Dej’: workplace safety in French-speaking Switzerland

At Roof, the Allreal general contractor in French-speaking Switzerland, we are constantly looking for new ways to prevent accidents on our building sites. At the start of 2023 we launched the Safety Dej’ – a safety breakfast. These events are held once a quarter, and a specialist gives all the workers on the site a quick refresher on a safety-related issue. This is followed by breakfast, when all participants have an opportunity to exchange views. The opportunity to combine something practical with something agreeable has gone down very well – as many as 90 people took part in events covering matters such working in heat, using a defibrillator and the dangers of electrical installations.

More about workplace health and safety in our Sustainability Report (PDF)

High-quality living spaces

Allreal builds high-quality living spaces people enjoy living and working in. They include an attractive external design with greenery, semi-public spaces and covered parking, especially for sustainable mobility.

In December 2022 we set up the external living space advisory board. This assesses Allreal projects in terms of social issues, as a way of contributing to achieving the goals under the sustainability strategy. The focus of the advisory board is on looking at the way living space is designed, and in particular on making qualitative statements on the design of public and semi-public spaces. In addition to reviewing completed projects, it also issues rec­om­men­dations on future ones. These are reflected when studies are put out to tender, for example.

During the reporting year the two sites Dietlimoos in Adliswil ZH and Grünhof in Zurich were scrutinised. The evaluation template was made tighter and simpler as a result of the experience gathered on the site visits.

Staff development

We attach great importance to ongoing internal and external employee training and education and cover a large share of the costs incurred. We also make time available during working hours. This way we ensure that employees are up to date with their skills and in a position to do their job well. An introductory pre-boarding and onboarding programme is available for new employees.


Hours per employee 2023


To be able to deliver a good performance, you have to have sufficient rest. All employees at Allreal enjoy at least five weeks of leave. An attractive annual working time model also affords staff the flexibility to plan their own time. Allreal gives all employees with an office job the chance to work from home. With these measure we help to promote a better work-life balance


On 31 December 2023 the headcount stood at 240 employees, equivalent to 228 full-time equivalents. For us it goes without saying that all company benefits are offered to all employees, regardless of whether they work full time or part time. The share of women is 32.1%. This has been steadily increased in recent years and should continue to do so in the years to come.